Your Dollars Working for Christian Education …and for You!


Find out how your generosity can help more kids while also benefiting you financially.


Virginia Tax Credits Scholarships Program

A good education is the foundation for a successful, fulfilling life. Yet, many of Virginia’s children aren’t getting that opportunity…and they can’t afford private Christian schools that offer a holistic education in a nurturing environment.

Why is private Christian education so much more expensive than public school? Actually, it’s not. But public school costs are subsidized by your taxes. Private Christian schools, on the other hand, generally depend on tuition, donations, and church sponsorship. They have the same costs, but they don’t receive any of that tax revenue.

But now there’s a new way you can help—a way that puts your donations to work for kids and for you—the Virginia Tax Credits Scholarships Program. With the people like you supporting Christian education, a new world opens up to these kids through scholarships.