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Potomac Conference Education Foundation

Making A Difference – English Version

Making A Difference – SPANISH VERSION

Invitation From A Child – ENGLISH VERSION


What It Means to Kids

Kids who receive scholarships get into a healthy academic environments based on Christian principles. The Seventh Day Adventist education system focuses on the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being students and has powerful success stories to prove it.

– More than 80% of graduates from Adventist schools attend college and complete college degrees, compared to 14% of graduates from public schools

– Adventist students scored above the national average on standardized tests and showed above average growth in the ability to problem-solve and think critically.

– Adventist students perform above the national average—across subjects and across demographics—with their abilities increasing the longer they spent in Adventist schools.

What It Means to you

You or your organization are interested in giving back, but you need to consider your finances. Through the Virginia Tax Credits Scholarships Program and the Potomac Conference Education Foundation, your donations not only provide scholarships to financially eligible children, but your money works harder for them and you. Donations are generally tax-deductible, and donors also receive a 65% Virginia Tax Credit. Your donation multiplies, enabling us to award more scholarships, and you get a very generous tax benefit for your generosity.